Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who don wish to have more choices? Im sure everyone DOES.

I'd no idea why am i so tiring these days, Gosh!

urm, any topic for me today? It's seriously bored aight!! why does a stupid human alive eyhh! cause problems like dam-gawd.

everything is changing half way i think? im sure it does too..

I dont see myself changing ( no body will say they've changed ) but im really sure i nvr change, is just that i need more choices to choose a better one. Seriously, i need a better man. Im not saying you are bad or whatever but I have long more way to go, i have an unknown-future-further path to finish.. who knows what's next right? Time will flow everything to the past and look forward for a better next. give urself a chance and give the others a chance and do better than the previous one.

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