I wish.. What?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

OMG, did i dead-kan my blog ? im sure it does. DEAD. sorry for keeping u guys bored when enter my blog, i wasnt in a good situation now days that's why i dint update my blog =/

urm, did i mention i own a counter? LOLs. nahh, just that im working at the counter for a moment.. it's okay i think? so that it could makes me busy and not thinking too much.

i think my valentine wasnt that bad actually, atleast i went for dinner at a place which i really want to try and dint know it cost us like a big-damn-god-fortune. LOL.

Seriously, don ask me what have i been busy lately, definately not going out, i've been washing my face with tears dropping from my eyes. GOSH! I can consider is everything-single-day. GAWD man. I dont want to, who wants it? but atleast thanks to him for being there 24/7 for me.

I don't know, i felt everything are changing.. he and he and everyone and everything.. do they still rmb me? or i should say are we still the same like how are we when schl life?

mayb im just a bored person for always not-allowed-to-go-out.. i admit that, but this is not wat i want.. grahh~!

great, who knows right? mayb they dont need a person like this? or mayb im just thinking too much. fcuk it!

P/s: My Shared Blog is now opened =) do have a look ^^ we do buttons request =)

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