When will it stop ?

Friday, February 27, 2009

hello, =) i hope everything here is fine. Blog not dead i think..

i don blog that often like last time because im seriously tired much after work and i dont get enough sleep.. and yet tears still washing my face. GOSH.


went dinner with jimuis and weiwei & shaik chyi and one of their fren at our usual restaurant. =) as usual we drank some and they gamble after that at ken's kung fu's place ( or wtv it calls, teehee ) home almost 11 something i think?

my gawd! today's cust are driving me crazy like dam-gawd. for godness-sake there are almost " billion " of human walking in and u can hear the number ticket machine beep non stop and our finger have to click down the " next " button with " ding-dong " non stop. gosh!

went supper with daddy & sis, i call it a happy supper of the day =)
mummy went korea, awww.. i miss her again! =/ she's comin' back on monday. ^^

alright, i should off to my wonderland now. nightz

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