Thank You So much.

Monday, March 02, 2009

I was suppose to blog ytd by the stupid I.E having some problem, It saved to draft.

hmmm well..

Today is a must-post-day. I want to share my happy feeling ^^

Firstly, I pass my driving and everything and will get my P license around friday the earlies or either next tuesday. =)

Second, Mummy just came back from Korea and as usual she bought us stuff but for so many times she went korea She nvr buy me any face cream or hand cream or any related to beauty. mostly she'll get us acessiories, snacks.. but this time, I am so happy and is so unexpected she went Etude House which is one of my Freak-over-favourite beauty shop. She went to buy me some face cream and had cream and even a cosmetic which i always want for. She also went to The FaceShop bought me almost 5 diff nails colours which im looking for so long. Ahhhh! I Love You so much mummy. Thank you!

=) seriously, though im still not in a good-situation due to relationship problem with him. But I can tell im really happy now. I couldnt truly smile from my deep heart yet but.. thanks mom! I feel so touching ^^

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