The Future Path.. And we'll nvr know..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yes, My blog status rather On hiatus instead fo Online cause i dont blog often due to my IE friggin prob.

& blogger is seriously pissin' me off from closing down my window when im blogging half way..

HS went for NS today for 3 months. we went for Fatty Crab for dinner for a celebration, Neway After that.. cinderalla gotta home at 12, LOLs, my dad wants me to drive home so yes, i drove home ytd night.. (p/s: you don want to know smth exciting)

urm, i've got my visa debit @ MBB today morning, lunch at McD for only $5.95 per set with my sis & grandma =) *teehee* .. sam called me and we went out to OU for a walk.. yea though it's quite boring but we do enjoy i think. LOLs. from nowhere i met some nonsence peepo and some nonsence rumor is spreading out like Hello!-who's-talking? LOLs. *ignore*

well, Wednesday 18.o3o9 was my last work and honestly i do enjoy this 3months working =) I learnt more stuff.. thanks for the ppl there teaching me and willing to help and especially ED, he's really nice though he's lil hot tempered but i can tell he's nice.. He likes to tease me and joke about me. hahaha.. he's my helper, whenever i give him an eye or even i just turn my head to him, he already know what i wants. hahahaas.. Mr.J whom work there b4 , which is also my brother, he do helps me really lots too. thanks for the chance working there ^^ my first try and my first chance, i appreciate =) Love ya.

me and sam took some pictures today, will try to upload next time and i realize i have some old pics did not upload yet. Gahhh, next time ^^ im lazy aight.. i admit that~!

oh ya, Im starting my college next monday.. wish me good luck !

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