If It Decided Earlier..

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

For Godness-Sake's driving my crazy.. god knows how damn loadz of ppl now adays walk-in for this and that.. blah-blah..

went dinner & yum cha with him ytd after work. we went Jalan Alor just because of their Barbeque chicken wings. I taste it not bad but i prefer my own BBQ one. Teehee. As u know KL jam like Oh-My-God-konws why. we took almost 1 & 1/2 hour to reach there, and jammed almost 30mints plus.. gosh! it seriously wasting our time. luckily isnt jam when on the way back, just a lil as usual lah. Thanks for the Sake i got to reach home around 11 something and got screwed like babi..

let's countdown 5more days to my day =) I nvr expect any special "suprise" or wtv shitty gonna happen on that day cause i know it'll nvr be. but already have my plan on the day before due to stupid public holiday but we dont have holiday on that day. grrrhhhhssshhh!! well, just get use to it..

i suppose today a special day for " us " but someday things will end and it'll nvr be.

p/s: i suppose posted this 2hrs b4 but damn god knows why i post it now.

kay, i shall off to my wonderland now to give myself some prepare for tmr's work. grrrssshhh.

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