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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yes this is a real late update =) i'll just update about my 18th birthday and some happenings ( if i could rmb ) .

on the 8th of March, the day before my bday =) went OU with family for a lil shopping, met up with Mr. Z around 3something for a movie at 4:30pm. we went yum cha @ Shi Lin and Chocolate for chilling =) went to Ampang's Look Out Point which i wanted to go for really long time, had dinner there @ Gasoline Storve or smth it called. Had Steamboat =) drove down a lil bit to had a look at the view and not many peepo there.. Off to SS2 The Prince for another yum cha session with my Jie & her bf around 11something and also countdown for my bday =) they bought me a cake. ^^

On the 9th of March, my exact day =) went Sungai wang for a lil shopping with Mr. J around 12.. Had Japanese food for lunch and bought myself some skin care. well, back to home around 5smth for dinner with my family @ puchong and also my aunt. there's another cake for me ^^ thanks.

well, these are the pictures. Dint upload all =)

Taken On my exact day =) Before go out.

A pair of Shoe from Mr.J ^^

A watch which cost a fortune from Mr. J ^^

T'estimo one of my fave brand from my jie =)

Wanted for so long , from my jie =)

Gifted by Mr.Z and my jie =)

MAC my superb brand ^^ from jie ^^

My Superb brand Etude House , Gift set by Mr.Z

Superb wanted giant bear by my ex.

Cake from my aunt ^^

Me & my sis @ dinner on o9/o3/o9

Me and Mr.Z @ the prince

Me and Mr.J on the way back from Sungai wang =)

My best family @ Dinner =)
result day =) Mr. J drives me to collect my license and dropped my at schl to collect my result. I wanted to cry for my result but i dint instead. Im quite satisfied with my result. I got 1 A2 ^^ for my Math and i cant believe i did not get a credit for my est which i suppose to. cos i got 69/100 ( B3 ) for my trial. zzz
kay =) i cant think of any to continue this post. sorry for the boredness of reading =) gotta prepare for tmr cos im going to my college tmr to do some stuff. and gotto keep myself in the best situation to drive all the way there. =X pray for me. taaaz

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