And yes It is !

Monday, March 30, 2009

hello.. it has been few days since i last posted. sorry for not replying at the tagboard, will reply asap =)

ya, get to know new frens at my college.. class will be started by tmr after orientation.. which means tmr will be the last day of orientation..

today was fun.. we had math test session and games session.. 5 in a group and have to answer 12 question , not only math question but some quiz, IQ EQ or wtv.. we've been disqualified at the 4th question i think because we've got wrong answer for the 3 attempts. hahha.. but yet we still continue answering others question.. but finally we've got stuck at our 6th question, it was a puzzle game and God knows how it works man!! -.-"

alright, Mr. DJ came to my campus with his fren whom guide him the way here to drive me home and also we went for lunch at puchong..

yea, supposingly me & Mr.DJ & my sis are going for pasar malam for a walk but we end up eating at Telepon ( wtv it spell ) by the heavy rain.. =X

gosh, i dont want to get ill kay, my throat is totally killing me.. luckily fever just get off =)

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