The New Journey

Monday, March 23, 2009

Firstly, i wanna talk about the past Saturday.

went Pavilion in the afternoon and im gonna buy that bag soon though it really cost me a frigin big fortune. teehee.. went to Green View restaurant to meet up Sam they all for Shaik Chyi's farewell dinner and they planned to move on to KL but i did not join, i went to do smth and for a movie with Mr.J instead.

and yeaaa! it's 23rd of March today, which is my first day of College, my new journey..
it's orientation week for this week and im gonna tell u i nvr like an orientation cos it's bored me to death. today is the first day, though it did bored me but still okay due to those lecturer's jokes.

wow, im gonna tell u i dont see more than 30 girls in my AUD room today, Our AUD have Foundation and Diploma's students.. and seriously i can see there's soo many guys and girls just 15% out of 100%. gralllllllllll~!

today's started at 10am and ended at 2. went for breakfast with dad this morning b4 going and lunch with him after that. i went in to my wonderland after i reach home. haha ..

alright, i should move my ass off to dinner and back to my wonderland now, im seriously tired. @@" taaaaz.

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