Atleast i think?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I tot i was suppose to post ytd but for no reason i went to my dream =X

alright, shall recall back smth =) urm, i went dinner with jimuis at OU ytd night.. wow.. we had Shabu and we seriously ordered too much.. hahhaa.. well, atleast we had loads of fun i think? =) i just miss those moment with em, it feel so so much better.. thanks.

grrrr, had no idea im seriously feeling lost now days, no way for me to concentrate at all in anything.. gosh!

today's feeling so so so need a bed. =/ don ask, and my legs are almost jelly though i dont need to walk and stand much but yet.. grrrll ! p/s: girl's stuff why u care ? LOLS

alright, i shall finish up my stuff now and off to bed thought it's soo friggin early =p

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