The first try.

Monday, January 12, 2009

it has been some days since i last posted. i seriously need a bed for now so just a quick summary. =)

Saturday,went shopping @ time square & with sis(s) and bought only few tops. went to meet up with dear before that.

Sunday,a homey day. Cleaned up my whole room, helped my aunt to do some snack for cny (only halfway).

Today, my first day work at Maxis. =) as a promoter. you'll sometime see me standing outside giving out broucher. but mostly i'll be inside serving those customer =) and i can rmb about maxis family plan & maxis broadband within halfday =) welcome any questions ^^ yea, had lunch alone =( but nvm, knew a new friend which only elder than me 1 yr, it's actually consider 2yrs elder couse he was born on the 1st of Jan. cool right? yea, we had loads of conversation. =) his nice ^^ (p/s: the world is really small, he was at the same primary as mine. kewl right?)

Kays, my wonderland is open. taaaz ^^

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