Miss you..

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

having my monthly's, whole body feels like sleeping in the coffin. 0.00% energy, battery gone.
edited this picture, me and my lovely sis.. nice? comment yea.
learnt to pixel some icon/graphic, posted it at freebies section, take it if u want but pls credit back.
was doing some exercise and preparing for tmr's undang test, stupid.
did not eat anything today, dont even feel hungry, i dont have any appetite. was eating korean buscuit the whole day, gosh! so gonna turn crazy, tmr better not feel like today or else im gonna fail my test! and have to wait for 2years to pay for myself to retake the test. stupid!
omg! have no idea what have happen to myself! i dont feel myself, feel like im lost! keep doing mistakes! goshhhh...

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