You Dont Deserve it!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

For Godness Sake the weather is toally melting me like ice-cream-under-the-sun. Tonight dinner had changed venue so instead i rather to stay at home have my dinner, I've got no transport alright.

Ms. Wanna be, It's just easy as an ABC for me to google you =) so
what if you've change your link and whatever and set it in private? It's not
like everyone's gonna spam u and stalk you like your-so-special. It's actually
nothing, i just wonder if you'r still using " Just be yourself " as your wtv,
FYI you dont deserve that sentence and you dont even have the right to
use because you dont even know what does it mean and u use it to everyone and
everywhere like you'r a counselor? If you does, then why are you hiding yourself
instead of facing everything that comes to you? and i wonder if you could have some sence of originality to be yourself instead of a wannabe? or mayb you doesnt have since you've born? For Godness Sake. And you even tell your friend the reason you changed your blog link is because you met a COPY-CAT? WOW, great FRIEND you're. How dare you tell smth upsidedown which you actually is the copy-cat but you'd rather to push the blame. You better not use that sentence, You'r insulting it. Sake man..

No worries, Me
not gonna relink you or even link you, since you dont even want to know me and
same goes to myself. No point for treating you like you-re someone to me, cause
you dont want to =) You're just an extraordinary liltle wannabe. Isn't it

great, i miss baby so much. wonder if i could just slip out now =/ kays, dinner time. bye =) Friend, i miss you too =/

To Mr. Big, and so finally i've seen your true face. You'r just another person living on the earth and that's all. I felt so wrong for everything, you're not worth at all. Such Dissapointment.

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