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Monday, December 08, 2008

not gonna fit in any smileys for this post, gonna make a quick post =)

i did not get to buy my own prom dress so i borrow from ken's sis, thanks much ^^ prom was okay, mayb i wasnt in the best mood for the prom due to some reason, so wasnt fun much for me.. thanks for HS, S & K for listening to my emo story and stay with me when im emo-ing, hahas.. not many ppl went for prom, and the prom wasnt wat i thought, but okay still =) Felicia won for the Prom Queen, Sue wont for the Most Out-going, Kah Jun won for the Prom King & Shaik Chi won the Best Dress. *clapss* uhhh, for only once in my life dress so damn mature on that day, Goshhh.. so not me kayy, took loads of pictures, ken's sending to me now =) upload the next day, yes i know i'll nvr upload whenever i say i will, hahhaas..

overall, thanks for those who helped me for my prom =) thanks, speacially my 2jimuis =) & HS for your "convince hug".

finally, things between us settled, everything's over, and stay our promises.

went to education fair with Sam today @ PWTC, Sue suppose to join us but some her reason so dint =) yea, i've registered for Jan Intake =) fast right? but it's okay, and i cant believe im in college next year! i have no self-confidence to stand alone yet. it's like, i've been studying in schl with all the friends and they help me out when im in trouble, teach me and everything.. and now, i have to learn to do it myself, learn to see everything myself, arghhh, im so gonna miss all my friends in schl especially my jimuis & him.. =/ for the moment i dont feel like growing, i wish time could stop for once. =X

was playing clay with my youngest sis, i realise the last time i play with her was.. quite long ago.. so i decided to play with her although it's childish much but u should have appreciate the kiddy moment with your small sister/brother, because it's only happen once in ur life, and not gonna happen after your life has ended. that's why i am so appreciate what i have now, i dont wanna regret myself when the day i have no chance to appreciate =)

tralalala, just 2more weeks to our dinner! uhhhh, cant wait to it.. we delayed by "some" busy-ness, hahas.. nahhhh, it's okay.. as long everyone have fun ^^ *hugs*

baby i love you kay? for those people who have some eye sight problem saw "us" in one U for few times, i suggest you to have an eye check alright, it's not good to have eye sight problem, pity much you know, buy urself a pair of spec would be better =)

thank you baby, our promise. =)

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