Friday, December 05, 2008

Loads Stress now! Imma now friggin stress.. I walked out no matter how far but couldnt get any yet! gosh.. i hope my aunts could get me one, or not im gonna borrow from her. =? honestly i kinda mind borrowing from the others, but it's alright y'know, atleast i got one.. thanks ken for helping me. Im so in love with my blog song now, the first song.. my new addict. ken sent it to me to chill me, thanks. yeaaa. I'll only put those im addicted songs in my blog. haha.. so every song in my blog is my drug. LOLs. to know which song im addicted currently, it's always the first song in my blog. teehee.

gahhhhh, pissed lots. Btw, wanna know my tmr's plan? me & sue planned it, hahas.. i dont wish to be prom queen or get any prizes, cos the point of going is to enjoy the fun! right? hahahas.. okays peeps, i'll take more pics tmr, =D and enjoy much ! so come back to my blog on sunday or monday. Definately i wont be updating tmr cos im going out around 12 =)

p/s: to Miss Milk club, i'll not be around tmr. so anyone pls help out for the participants.

not forget i've changed my number. to my friends, if i did not inform u pls pm me in msn or tag me. =)

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