A better Life.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

OMG, my time is almost full fill with shopping, hanging out.. blabla since the Past Monday.. seriously i miss my blog so much as imma blog lover. hahas.


I wont be placing any smileys in my post now days cause I dont have much time to do so. So I hope you peepo would just read my post without falling asleep. haha.

( I nvr lost confidence of having readers, i dont mind if there's only one. )

I know my blog is now totally out to date with the christmas layout but dont blame me cause i dont have much time to do my already-think-of-it layout. I've planned my new layout since the week before christmas. LOLs. But i'll try my best to change my new layout kays =) so you peepo wouldnt feel bored and dead with my christmas layout though it's messy. =/

Alright, I shall start editing my layout now since i have some lil time before bed time. I dont have enough sleep all this days, seriously tired like mad. dont go away, I'll give you a new fresh layout kays =)

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