Why Would It Be?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

GOD! i am so stressful irritating right now I was thinking Why would I think of spending such cost-me-a-fortune for it and now sitting here feeling irritate and regreting about that "fortune" for this coming event. GOSH! i wish I could pick up a purple or a pile up of red note on the floor or wherever. I hate like this now. I have only 1 note to survive 2days, how could it be? GOD! if am not gonna get any job by next month im probaly lying on the middle of the road or squarting at the roadside mouthing begging passerby. Oh-No man! What's on Earth would I being so stupid-physco-brainless moron am I!

( just ignore me as you can, i bet no body will know what's on earth im stupid-ing now. )

almost finish my halfway-finishing-since-last-month story book, it's getting more interested.

felt bit of guilty-ness running out of "colour-papers" with those events/parties from tomorrow onwards. God knows what the hell It'd happen so sudden. pissst! telling myself 'it's alright, gonna be fine.. bla bla..' TISH!

button request will only do tmr, so dont rush me.

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