Saturday, December 27, 2008

It's been some day since i last blogging. Wasn't free and not-at-home too. So just a quick post for now..


Christmas Eve,
Celebrate with baby @ his place, we had pizza and christmas cake for dinner. *yumm*
baby fetch me to ken's hse around 10:30, almost 11. have some drinks and chit-chat then headed to Old Town White Coffee for yum cha with parents around 12. home after that.

Christmas 25,
Headed to Westin Hotel around 10something, check-in, leave our stuff then off to Sg.Wang, Lot 10, Bukit Bintang for shopping. went back to hotel around 4something, prepare and ready ourself then headed to Pavillion for a lil shopping then headed to Hakka Restaurant for dinner. Food was Not bad. Place was Good too. suppose to watch some night movie @ Pavillio but all movie was freakky full even midnight's so back to hotel around 11something and bed time around 1 =)

Christmas 26,
woke up around 9soemthing, pack everything, ready myself while waiting for sis swimming in the pool. Check-out around 12 and went for buffet lunch at the Hotel. Food was obsolutely perfect. Off to Time Square after lunch and home after 1hour shopping =)

Lols, quick post huh? alright, will be abit busy this few days.. let see what am i busy right now.

Things to Do..,
1. change new blog's layout.
2. Job Interview @ (you'll know soon)
3. Out with baby.
4. Party New year eve/countdown.
5. So far that's all.

Im so gonna enjoy before 2009, so party pls =) Currently need $$ due to big spending this few days. left only few $, Damn God!

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