New Begin.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

have u noticed yet? I've did some changes and add more stuff, nice? I do all this because it's christmas month, so im trying to make something more into christmas ^^ cute cute? eyh, i've spent the whole night doing all this, finding all the codes and try those codes.. not easy kay.. don try to copy and steal anything from here, ASK!

gosh, there's 3more days to my prom and i havent even got a dress yet! stupid 1U's running out of stock, or else i can be so relax here now.. need to find the size @ sunway tmr, godd damn! sumore need to think for me transport tmr, sei mou?

hmmm, need to google my next yr college, aiks ><" time past really..... Fast!

hmmm, have no idea why am i here so early.. i couldnt sleep any longer =( but i slept around 3 ytd, all because my blog and waiting darling's call..

just receive a button request =D done ^^

phew, brb to continue my post if there's any interesting stuff

---- Part 2 -----

elos, I'm back =) due to the boredness i've decided to make a banner for my readers although I do not have many of 'em but just make it for fun, take it if u want . It's at Gallery section. Might doing a christmas banner for my aflilates & readers next week or sooner, Btw, my blogskin will not gonna change untill 27/12/08. my blog theme is Christmas so i'll try to find more stuff about christmasto deco my blog and buttons and banner

just took a christmas banner from miko

lalalala, really bored kays.. wonder if im approved for going out tmr or not LOLs.

Getting more addicted to blogging, I might not have much time after this month to blog reguraly if im taking Jan intake for college. aiks..

okays okays, I shall stop just incase there's full of craps here. teehee.

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