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Monday, December 08, 2008

woke around 12:30pm by mom's voice waking me up for brunch, was really hell tired. well, went to Midvalley for a lil shopping after that, wow! I am so piss off and regret that i wasted my time on the last thursday @ sunway shopping for my dress , i should have come to Midvalley, it's all damn nice! i can even find my size my love my price, for some stupid much reason i decided not to shop @ MV, hahahas.. but it's okay, already over and i still have some fun there am gonna buy a dress for my dinner next 2 weeks, teehee. loads of sales there, even up to 70% sales.. cool right? gonna go there for shopping next week. bought my formal top for my next yr college/U @ Padini,(yea, they are strict & with rules, but i like it ) only bought two, mom said take my sweet time to buy, dont rush.. well, padini's formal is not bad.. hehes.. dint shop much cos ppl are too crazy and too crowded and there's a crazy que @ all the shop's cashier.. so went to The Garden for dinner, and home after that..

for godness sake i am hell tired, i dont know why, but nahh.. mayb im too busy looking for my prom dress & busy with some stuff & personal stuff so dint get enough sleep, =) yay! mom gonna bring me to register license class & apply a debit card for me tmr, @ maybank! i love maybank debit card. it's pretty nice

alright, i shall stop here now and continue with my online stuff then sleep

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