Not gonna Hurry, Not gonna End.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Not gonna add in any smileys for this post today, =/ lazy and bored right now, kays.. just a simply quick post.

wasnt "free" to post yesterday.. hahaas.. woke up around 10something then headed to LRT station to time from there till Bukit Jalil. Yes, im studying @ Bukit Jalil next year on. well, reached my "future" schl, the University from UK named UCTI.. we first finish up all the documents then a girl lead us and show us the building, she's nice anyway =) i kinda starting to love that place, really nice and.. i have to start to get use to it next year on, cos U/college isnt like schl, sitting 2 together with your friends and stick with the same classmate for few years.. U/college are all diff, u will study with atleast min 30 or the max 200 students in a class and you will not stick with the same classmate in every semester, but it depend also.. mayb that's good? u can mix around, meet new people.. =) and im gonna miss my old friends still, cos schl's friend are the best. like my jimuis and YF and him and few of them =) *hugs* but yea, mayb i can meet one of the good one too? like the girl who lead us ytd, =D

took back LRT and reach home around 3something. went for tea-time, me and my mom did not eat the whole day.. *grrllll*.. then at dinner @ Kayu, =) at night was busy doing buttons request so did not blog ^^

oh yea, changed to March Intake. teehees. did nothing today, suppose @ P.pangkor with dear now =/ sorry baby.. dinner plan changed, -.-" uhhh, my brain isnt working much today, cant think of any better way to post. btw, selfmade 10 new buttons =)

urghhh, im gonna bored like holy mama !

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