The busy & I need you..

Friday, December 19, 2008

phew, wasnt free to online and update my blog these days, i dont think my blog is dead yet.. hope so.. LOLs,

was sitting my undang test on Wednesday & bengkel class ytd, since i've attended bengkel class which mean i've pass my undang test! just one time, gratz me *claps for myself* well, it's tiring much, have to wait and stand and goshhh.. nearly fall sick after that, red beans all over my face now, dont have enough sleep & monthly's suckkks,

went for lunch with darling today, and spent some time with him cos we dont have chance to see each other often ..

my aunt gave me a candle stand which i love to collect candle stand, i dont know what does it call and wtv =) it's a snowman, and mom bought me a new scarf, i love scraf and even love to collect scarf. lols. ^^ ( this is a hint for u to buy me a presend kays =) ) hahas.

wow, arranged my schedule and almost full next week during monday tuesday wednesday thursday and friday.. hahahs, i loves happenings, wanna know about my days, so dont forget to come back my blog

sorry for those who requested buttons , will
do it now and collect tmr kays.
also made new buttons, decided to post up
selfmade buttons, those that are not selfmade i deleted

okays, got to stop here and finish up my stuff, btw.. my jimui is back from oversea =) miss him ^^

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