The Eleventh Hour.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Went all the way to SP just to look for my prom dress today. Mr.T drives me there & also giving comments for dress. we first walk for few shops, nothing suit.. then went for lunch before we have more energy to continue shop. stop by at Sakae Sushi, after awhile Ms.S join us.. she wants to buy a new dress too.. Whao! 3 of us ate rm100+ for lunch. hahahas.. Sushi weihh who hate/dislike it? went to teman them to do some cancer exercise after that, then continue to shop for our dress.. Ish! I couldnt get find my size from Forever21, i need size S okay, well, so have to shop and shop.. and got nth! blah!! so i only got a small hand bag for my prom, wtv it call.. love much! in the end i have no choice, have to ask Mr.T to drop me at NZX to look for the dress i wan in the previous, but it's gone! so... the funniest part is, im forced to go to those wedding place to rent but nth suit me. they even thought i wan any package for my wedding, LOLs. Mr.T drives me home after that then i called my aunt to borrow from her, wait.. not aunty style kay, she's much more rich & fashion. hahahas. she have loads of dresses, but only in white and black, but i want SILVER! still okay, white not bad too cos i have pair of gold shoe but am not gonna wear gold for my dress kay, too old fo me wellwish me good luck tmr, im going her hse to look for dress =)

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