Maple Babe!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Look what I've made? Nice? Comment pls =)
FYI i am toally a maple freak babe. although I've stop maple for months. I maple for almost 4years, still stuck in a noob level in the real server and stop playing real server almost 1 year because I've reformat my lap and nvr download again. Then i started to play private server which is Dragon Story and GoSuMS in the past 3months, Private server really rock! I reborn for few times within 1month. But now, I've stop mapling.. I love GoSuMS very much because everything just needed 1meso even cash shop item. Dragon story is just the same as the real server but still lvl up very fast and meso earn alot =) you can buy cash shop item with meso, isnt it cool? As you can see in the Loves Section have a picture of a maple, that's me in all the private server, that's how i looks like, how i dress like. =) and always name as MilkGirlQQ forever in maple. that's my bf named for me for the first day i play maple. Since i couldnt maple and really obses with it, My sister's friend found this website to download this software to make your own maple as the picture above. I did not download that software, I just do it instantly in that web. Cool righT? hahas.. gonna make more soon =) should I make for buttons? hahahas..

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