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Monday, December 29, 2008

This is obvious i've changed my layout! comment comment!! =p I've spent almost 2hours to done this ytd night. Put loads of effort kay, find those codes, read those codes, write those codes.. phew!

alright, get to the point.

Went MV with buddy today.. for new year shopping. =D from MV to Garden and back to MV and finally manage to buy 1bottom and 1top. swts, the reason I chose to shop at MV is because i saw loads of my fav tops but i dont see any today. Buddy bought his too, 2tops and 1bottom. =) we have our lunch at The Gardens, yes. the exp building, haha. we went Paddington House of the Pancakes, my obsolutely favourite! I love pancakes so much. food is nice and exp! but it's pretty good to have a try and bet you'll love there if you love pancakes. =) buddy's friend join us after that, wanted to watch movie but dont know wat to watch so decided to shop again and went to arcade b4 i balik =D they both are pro in parapara and the another wtv it call, LOLs, imma noob in arcade anyway. GOD, =/

i wish any job will call me b4 31st, cos im not allowed to work at 1u which i've already approved by the employee, ish! I seriously need a job right now, =/ not gonna shake my legs at home in this 2months. grrrr.

gtg right now, as i promised to post up pictures. here they are. with those late-post-pictures.

Today @ MV with buddy, My desperate BearBricks collection. I've gone crazy whenever i see all this at Action City! i want them!!!

Lunch @ Mv with buddy, my meal =) mashpotatoes pancakes with smoke salmon & omelette with mushroom sauce and sour sauce.

Christmas eve @ baby's hse.

Dinner @ KL Hakka Restaurant.

@ Westin Hotel.

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