Wish Come true?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

suppose to post before 12 but seems that im late nvm. well, as u can see the picture above is JJ Lin Jun Jie, YES!!! it's him! im not his 100% Number1 fans but also a 80% number 10 fans. hahahas. @ Jaya One, Halo Cafe and the Hall, or wtv it call. GOD, baby and him is so alike! even my mom and sis and everyone agreed! hahahas.. unable to take nice picture of him, only have 5pictures of him but only post up this two look which i think it look the best among the five, dont blame it cos i dont have a perfect camera.

before that, went the curve for a lil walk before going for dinner @ Jaya One. Mom might decide to buy Skinny T or Another Sony camera for me or wtv laa, Pink and she might allow me to buy Sony VAIO the Pink one as the one I wish to have, hehehes. she said see first and will think about it. *wishing* GOD, i just cant stop eyeing that pink VAIO. The Curve's deco is seriously nice, took some pictures of me and sis with their deco. I know i looks friggin ugly in the pic but wtv
besides Birthday, Christmas is my Fave and best festival i'd love to celebrate, New Year collect ang pao is diff, so that's not any of my fave festival.. Wait, do u call them festival? or special day? or wtv... Aiksss, i regret i did not buy more my fav story books on the MPH warehouse, so stupid.. cos the original price is abit exp. hahaas, im kiamsiap kay? LOLs.

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