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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hello, I did not blog ytd, so not me..
alright, have stuff to share with my readers.

I went out with jimuis ytd to watch Twilight, and it's really awesome! i nearly cried for the ending part, i thought she's gonna die or smth, awww.. ending is so nice.. it's a vampie movie and Im falling in love with it! FYI, i've nvr like a vampire seriously, they'r just so ewwww, but hey! i love twilight so much..

Besides watching Twilight, am suppose to search for my prom dress and ish! i've found one and i superb crazy in love with it although it's cost me a fortune and i thought i could have it because i've already search for like the whole new wing building, but ish! they doesnt have my size! i need a S size kays.. am going to SP to search for it.. =p

Finally i've bought a new eye liner pencil w/p ^^ it's Anna Sui's, really cost me a fortune @@"

I've success to contact with my std6 replacement teacher! really happy! we've lost contact for years and actually i've planned to write him a letter really long time ago but i did not, and now since i've finished my spm so i decided to write him but i've lost his aus address, so i'd try my luck to email him with the email he gave me last time last 2days.. I went to my mail box and i saw his reply! awwww, thank god.. i was soo happy when i first saw his name in my mail box and he's now working in m'sia, johor.. aiks.. i've nvr been to johor and i'll nvr have the chance to johor.. so i hope he'll come to KL.. are we consider as friends now? hahaha, he's not a teacher anymore, right? LOLs.

was having a long talk / discussion with darling just now, when to met him.. and everything's settled. thank you baby.. nothing's impossible.. I love you. =) nothing wasted. it's all worthy.. *hugs*

Hmmm, there's few contest im thinking whether i wanna join or not, i've joined really lots contest.. but it's really awesome, cos all the point you edit and make a nice blog and join a contest is to see how much effort you've done. so, im joining

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