Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mummy is finally back from HK ytd night & bought us some acessories went to NZX with mummy and daddy and sisters after having brunch @ sea park. NZX was really nice after loads of changes. yum cha session @ FullHouse, camwhored with sis then cousins joined us after that. NZX's having DisneyLand fair, we went in and took loads of pictures.. Well, picture are all in cmop d but lazy to wait for it to load in blog so next time yea, with party's pics.

Imma blogger addict/fans of blogging.
got this from Wendy. If you'r one repost this.

1. Repost this in you blog if you'r a fans of blogging.
2. Image Url:

alright, going to 1U with jimuis tmr to watch Twilight & buy my prom dress & stuff.
Mummy rejected me from working, she wants me to enjoy now before I couldn't so alright, and might have the chance to take my license. wheeee.. she's now trying to look for the "class" for me ^^ muackxx!

btw, daddy mummy not allowed me to dye my hair, i want it in brown.. but it's alright, i can wait and I lvoe my natural colour too ^^ although it's black

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