Sucky. >=X

Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's just another Sucky-Day. I did not went for morning exercise with my sis and aunt because I'm having sucky illness badly..

I'm actually having sucky sorethroat 2days ago but I did not care wtv am putting in my mouth and now the results !!! plus yesterday I had pizza for supper, GG not?

Urggghhh, my tongue is now tasteless and tonight Im having delicious dinner, SEAFOOD! ishhh, how am I gonna taste all my Favourite?!!

Just 1 & half hour more i have to be ready for dinner, aiks aiks..
Holidayss... sucky i couldnt go anywhere.. eventhough i can but there's a sucky women-CCTV.

Wait, Nothing's in my stomach today yet.. bye peepz, i need food for now.. ROTI TELUR pls?

************ post continuos ************

Let's continue my post from just now.

Great & Delicious dinner I had. yummmm! as I said im having sucky sorethroat badly but i couldnt stop myself from eating such yummy seafoods.. LOLs..

Dinner almost end around 9:30pm+, went home straight after that. Uhhhh, I miss mummy so much! It's like, have to wait for another 1week untill she comes back. sobbbs.

Getting more addicted to blogs now days, isn't blogging fun much? All i've did during all these stupid boring hols is bloghopping.. So you may see above there's a columm of " Contest ", due to boredness im getting more addictive to all these bloggy realated stuff.. God knows whether im gonna win all these contest but atleast im trying my luck!

p/s: Do inform/invite me if there's any bloggy contest yea, pls?

I wonder when was the last time I camwhored? Feel kinda upset with my camwhore skills. LOLs. I know im not pro at all but as long i feel enough will do. I've comwhored today while having dinner, teehee. I'll nvr leave a camera away in my life. which girl doesnt love camwhoring? Plus while you camwhored, you can take down those past time & became a memories right? LOLs.

Okay, I shall end here now. Gotta rest myself or else I'll become mute tmr =/ nightyy.

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