Really... BORED!

Friday, November 28, 2008

urghhh., am now suppose at 1U looking for friend's present and having sushi for lunch and waiting for movie later but instead im at home nowww! This is damn bored alright! I feel like sleeping inthe coffin now!! I woke up arund 11, yet im still feeling excited to the party but when i realize it's all ended yesterday night! owh well, I cant wait for prom & dinner.

Gosh, I seriously need a job! Im running out of $$ !!! a 100buck can never last for a month especially in the month of DECEMBER! isnt it a party month? LOLs.

eeek! what can I do for the whole crappy day? I'm LOCKED like a cinderalla locked from going to the ball or smth. WTV.

wheee, I've got this puzzle game called Rebus from one of my funniest pengawas of my SPM. it's kinda fun, dont you think so? a puzzle game.... I might try to ask my club's admin's permission to put this game in the club's blog. =D hope it's allowed. ^^

Here's one of the question. place answer @ my cbox =D ( the answer will post in the next port which mean tmr's post =D )

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