It's pissed!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I've already finish my spm & my schooling.. As everyone can see I was damn hyper & happy today because I THOUGHT I could get my freedom. Nothing lasted long, I am now feeling so pisst. I thought I could party till a lil bit late but uh huh? WHAT"s THE DIFFERENCE? I've rejected by my dad from joining my friend's bday party which held during tmr night time. I mean it's just my second time going for party during night time and come back home by 12. I've went once, and IM SAFE to home. and i already told you I have my transport back home, why cant you just let me go for once? I've listen to you to study hard for SPM, I did it right? why cant just give me a lil more freedom? plus my spm is freaking over d.. I just wanna do smth I want for once. I dont wanna be overprotected. I need my own freedom, I know what i want. btw, Im growing, you'r not gonna lock me forever. Psst.

Feeling better after screaming all my shitty feeling, thx sayang for listening me =) I don't wish to be a frigging CINDERELLA!

JuicingThoughs contest has started. Pls vote for me @ .

I really need a job desperately, 1st, i dont wanna stay at home. 2nd, so i wouldnt think of any "rejected party". 3rd, i need cash! 4th, I need a frigging new phone. =/

gosh, mind me for posting such post today.. =/ it's really pisssst.

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