Last Day.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Teehee, I've learn How to make a button with Animated. Don't Laugh! No negatives judging cause I've just learnt. You either give me some comments =D Btw, I dont do Button request, unless you're my friends or club-mate.

As u may can see there's button is almost the same as ToffeeMilk's button. FYI I dint plan to copy or even want to copy, is just that I found that icon in my document so I just tried to do it kays. psps Ms.Toffee.

Im having my last 2papers tmr, then I'll leave schooling life. Ahhh, I miss it!!

I need a job!! It's really boring at home. I only sleep, online & eat at home. But atleast there's blogging fill up my boredness. But noooo! i want to work or either someone pls come find me then we go shopping

Btw, Im a EP for Ms.MilkClub. Im just a probate now but I'll do my best to pass my probation.

!more week to Prom, 2more weeks to BFF's Dinner & 2more days to partteyy! I cant waiiittttt...

I need $$! my purse's hole is getting bigger, I need $$ to fill it.

Is my "The Girl" section okay? I think I should change, kinda messy right? Laterrr lah. =p

gotta prepare for my exams tmr. Taaaz.

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