Thursday, November 06, 2008

my last skipping schl will end today, 6/11/08. and tmr will not be my last day of schl yet cause i'd still going to schl to sit for my life. SPM.

although tmr is still a schl day but yet i'd not able to skip and it can actually counted as Last Day of School. i hope tmr will be the really-fun-last-day in schl. ahhhh, i dont know, some ppl so cannot-wait till graduate and never step a foot in the schl anymore, but.. i just love moving my pair of legs, stepping my foot in the school =D for those who thinks that schl's work or wtv related to schl is a stress for you, you are so totally, because it is the most relax-ful place for every single ppl. or mayb you may think im an stupid idiot or smth, as you wish. compare to collegues, workers, employees, adult.. nothing can be more relax than being a student ever. hmmm.. feeling regret for being last minute feeling all these. im looking forward =)

yea, after this.. school will not be the only place to mmet my friends, or to have friends but now.. it's everywhere.. i can call up my friends, my jimuis, my besties anytime i like, hang out with them.. having tea-time, taking the same public transport together but to the diff place, college.. hmmm, no matter what, everything is anything.. take it easy, leave it easy.. easy come easy go. =D ( does this sentence even match to this post? ) LOLs.

let see.. definately im going to schl tmr, and obviously will see everyone too.

btw, i new a freaking new mouse! i mean........... A Computer Freaking a-must-need-a-Mouse!!!

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