the Histories. =D

Sunday, November 09, 2008

someone suppose promised to have study group together but instead of waiting for my and jimui's comfirmation, someone changed mind without informing me the next day. >=/ i kinda dislike this att alright, who will like it? ishhhh >=(

ignore, all right.

i am now @ Old Town White Coffee Pelangi online right now =D and also yum cha-ing with my sis & mom and her friend. yea, suppose staying over @ my damansara's hse tonight. and going for " sjk chin mo " 's charity event. =D

wonder what did i do the whole day, was at klang the whole half day.. and i suprise my aunt which is same age as me has her license already. it getting my nerve. making me want a license.. =/ bu it's alright, im getting 2yrs later.. due to financial problem plus i dont wanna pay for the petrol so fast yet XD LOLs. is better to have "driver " first =p

okay, trying to focus on BM moree and science now =$

hmmm, btw.. i love you guys as my best friends. the best ever i met. =D

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