Just easy come and go.

Monday, November 17, 2008

i only left Art, Moral & est paper =D teehee.

tmr having moral paper around 2:30pm, so i can have a enough sleep =) and moree time to memorize all the never-gonna-rmb Nilais.

shit, what am i gonna do during the hols? is not like im rich to hang out everyweek or smth? once in a while okay lahh..

im gonna start on diet dy mannn, fat like shit sial. ooops.

owh yea, for ppl who wanna leave ur comments or talk to me or smth, in case u don know.. u may check out at the left bar.. scroll all the way down to find the comment, and click on it or at the end of every post will have a " comment ", u may click to my tagboard =) and i've change the smiles for my cbox, wheeee.. gonna find more. obviously, it's all credits by ppl that i've linked with their banners. =D

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