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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

just another tuesday which we suppose have loads of WBS in class & should be like the funniest & the most free day among the week but instead, i skipped =D

as usual, had my McEgg Muffin & dear's Big Breakfast for the morning meal. =D baby i seriously miss all these days since form 3.

i don't know, i just.. not ready to face thaat i'm gonna leave school soon & i'll never have the chance to skipped schl and nvr sleep in the class, shouting & screaming in the class, being childish like a freaking kiddy, tio amaran / D3, see those bitchy teachers & kind teachers.. u know? sometiems i quite miss all these, and i dont feel enough all these.. i am not ready to be a non-schooling teen and start a college new life, meting new friends, having those stressful asignmnt, doing presentation, paying extra money to retake the exam if i fail or something, taking public transport to college or work and meet strangers, taking heavy bag / briefcase fill with those important asignment / day planner / files blah blah.. Phew.. you know? like.. whoa! so fast.. it's really fast. couldn't believe im gonna graduate! im gonna turn 18! im gonna have new friends! im gonna take public transport with those mostly black-strangers! im gonna spend more for meals.......... blah!

wtv it is, i just still thinking about us. u know, we wont be seeing each other the often anymore, we wont be having McEgg Muffin & Big Breakfast together the often, i wont be seeing your car ready out there to bring me home or buy our lunch after schl, we wont be doing what we used to do everyday we meet and together... sighs. or mayb it's the time to grow and start to learn something new & more.. but am really appreciate these 2yrs we've been together doing all these & walk on together with hand-on-hand.. aiks..

btw, it's our 32nd anniversary. ( 2yrs & 8months ) . i love you baby.. =)

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