After That.

Friday, November 07, 2008

kinda tak biasa with 100% full attendence in schl today. i mean, everyone attended to school! wow, that's... great.

like, after a long period.. today's canteen is crowded by all the people, like last time.. waiting for their turn to buy their food, walking around to search for a place to sit, chatting around, how nice is it?

before 10mint schl ending.. i can see almost all their form teacher, or their subject teachers hugging with students, shaking hands, mouthing with all the wishes, some student said their orm teacher even cried due to " mm seh dak " ( wat do u call in eng? ).. awww.. and even some teacher apologizing if they scold us or blah blah.. awww, seriously & honestly, i will mis some teachers like pn.L , en.Z , pn.J & pn.N

yea and yea and yesssss.. 4days moreee.. wait. i.. dont feel anything special at all. it is like, just another schl day but just kind of abit diff and yea..

alright, before i could hear anything out from my dad, i shall go now to have my dinner =D

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