What ?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gosh! I am still here, it's now 2:42am! and everyone's on their bed having pretty dreams.. and 5hrs later i have to go for Morning Exercise with my sis and aunt.

Btw, I've joined some blog contest. Teehee.

Grhhhh, I need help for my blog's music player.. It's having sorethroat couldn't sing better.. It keep on stucking stucking! anyone pls help?

Oh yea, I know am really Outdated if I say this out but blehhh. Im currently addicted to David Archuleta, (p/s: i did not watch him at American Idol k!) From nowhere I found his song and addicted to it dy, LOLs.

Ish, I shall find my bed now. taaaz.

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