Believe Between Us.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I woke up around 9:45am and ready myself , HS reaches my hse around 11am.. He first fetches me to look for job at pet shop near by my hse, hmmm have to wait for their reply.. Then off to Sam's place after that.. We did a lil discussion about the art exam which held on this coming Thursday & watches some HK drama.. Meet up with F & SC around 1something then went to fetch XW & WW and straight to Aman Suria for Lunch. Me, HS & Sam went back to Sam's place after that and the others moved on to Mayang. Home around 4pm.

Today's post isn't any interesting cause I wasnt really in a better mood. So pls dont blame if you fall asleep reading this now.

I'm tired of unbeliving anymore, go ahead if u cant believe in me.. I've done my job. or U wanna make a decision instead?

p/s: I have buttons =D Do link me with my buttons if you don mind.

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