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Thursday, November 13, 2008

For the Sake of not stresssing myself looking loads of words, studying.. i am here online, blogging =D

well, i cried for BM due to those so-confident Tips. English, all right =D Math, no A1 but 70% A2, confident full full =p.. yet, i am always freaking careless in math! ish.

imma going PM with jimuis, teehee.

well, since i am so boring now, i'll just do a little taggy by XL.

------------- start ------------

Q1, Who are You?
A1, little Girl not yet a woman.

Q2, Who is More important to You?
A2, Myself. =p

Q3, How often do you think of committing Suicide?
A3, i wanna live longer. -.-"

Q4, Do you think you have enoguh Confidence?
A4, Why Don't I ?

Q5, How Many Babies You want?
A5, Long time to Think about it.

Q6, Do you Believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
A6, Who Don't?

Q7, What is Your Goal For This Year?
A7, Party time!

Q8, Do you believe in Eternity Love?
A8, Who knows?

Q9, What's a Perfect Boyfriend Like to You?
A9, My secret.. =p

Q10, What feeling Do You Love most?
A10, Are you gonna gime that feeling if i tell you?

Q11, What are the requirements you wish from the other half?
A11, My secret.. =p

Q12, Is there anything you wanna tell the people you hate?
A12, definately.. not gonna waste my time to talk to such person =)

Q13, Do you Cherish every single friendship of yours?
A13, You'll know if you'r one =)

Q14, What does Flying means to you - In a plane?
A14, If only i can fly.. ?

Q15, What do you crave for the most currently?
A15, Chocolate, Rotitelur -.-' & Sashimi Salmon.. So are you gonna get for me these? >=)

Q16, Who's Hotter? Chace Crawford Or kevin Peake?
A16, Who is That?

Q17, Describe the person who tagged you in 5 words.
A17, naive, laughter, pretty, medium height, medium size.

Q18, What have you Done to yourself to make yourself happy?
A18, it's a secret. =D

Q19, If time were to rewind, when will you want it to be?
A19, talk to me when it's really rewind.

Q20, What are your fears?
A20, Thunder, Darkness, FUCKING CROCKCOACH! raptiles & insects..

------------ before taggy end ------------

1. each player writes a little blog of 15 weird or little known facts about youself.
2. People who gets tagged needs to state the rule clarly before hand.
3. at the end, you need to choose 10 people to tag and write their names down.
4. No tags Back.

little known facts :
read the side bar's columm.
read the Q&A above.
ask me if only i want to answer you. =)

15weird things :
1, anyone ever fear of a stupid Thunder?
2, weirdo toes
3, weirdo attitudes.
4, non-stop chocolate.
5, non-stop mirror.
6, die without pink.
7, breatheless seeing raptiles & Insects even they are caged!
8, weirdo hairstyle
9, weirdo talking.
10, weirdo brain.
11, weirdo secrets.
12, weirdo whatever.
13, weirdo anything.
14, weirdo everything.
15, weirdo doing tags =D

People i tag:
people who still alive.

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