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Monday, November 03, 2008

like whao! i did not online yesterday for the whole day.. suprise? LOls.

ytd was at home the whole day and went dinner @ Tmn. Paramount ( is this how u spell it? ) yea, and catching dramas untill my head boomed! =/

me and ken went to schl today and we talked about cars, chcolate, urm... future, friends, society, and we laugh loads.. u know, it's fun =D we did some math exercise then we pack our bag up & followed wk to the bengkel, but b4 bengkel we couldn't wait so we...... --------------> sam's hse =D o.0 we watch New York Minute which really nice and funny and makes me soooo envy =/ and i dint know i've bought their books! Olsen Twins' book! i havent start reading it cos i am still on the way Sophie's book. but i bet it must be really interesting. =D then we had maggie for breakfast, and i called darling to pick me up after that =D

woooo, like finally we had such "medium-term-heavy-rain" , LOLs. so i wont be sweating tonight whilesleeping in my non-air-cond-pretty-much room. it's gonna be windy & coolly? LOLs. (does this word even exist? -- coolly? )

btw, i've just put some sort of my craps in my sis's blog, u may move o\yur mouse over the " link`em " and look for the last 3rd link if you want, and urghh, both my my maple is....... no comment, one is under upgrading or smth? i couldn't play! sotong aje.. and another one is soon gonna wipe&warp&upgrade&renew, sooo sotong right? urghh.. i want my maple now! now! and my GuildDuhh >=/ i miss em.

p/s : Stop LOA-ing, it's annoying you abnormal B.-B. =D

p/ss: I love my new bottle much loads! it wont wet my shirt anymore XD (get it? i bet you dont & you dont have to )

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