What's next?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hello, yea.. gonna wait till next week to take science paper, then moral then art.. wheeeee.

pretty much relax after eng and bm paper, no more worries.

all right, let's see what did i do today.
- accompany with darling.
- did not study for the next paper.
- clear all those sheets.
- clear all never-gonna-use exercise book.
- that's all.

how sien can it be man.. summore thinking what am i gonna do in the whole december. am not rich to party, shopping, hang out everyday duhh.. mayb once in a week laa.. i dont feel like working yet, not yet finish enjoying.. and not gonna start enjoy working. =)

btw, ytd at PM was really fun with jimuis. hahaha.. we ran back to S's place around 9 under the rain.. we ran like kampung kids. LOLs, that was really fun and kinda memorable. watch 13goingon30, only abe to watch half of it.

owh wait! my freaking moral nilai paper is lost! shit. am gonna die, NOooooOoooooooooo0.

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