Sunday, November 23, 2008

Morning peepz, urm.. it suppose to be afternoon huh? LOLs. Ishh, i have a men's voice now,

Im planning to join this contest but they need atleast a paragraph to describ about them & why i want to be the winner of the contest. As everyone knows I have sucky english =/ I seriously have no idea what to post untill I've go through the blog..

Well just let me try my best


That's the Contst Banner. Hosted by
Pearl Therese. A pretty Little Girl aged 14. She can really write loads of words, i think She's a writer? view her blog and you'll know! hmm, she doesnt likes ppl to call her with diff name, she loved her own name sooo much & she's a Philipino.. Sounds great right? but i've nvr been there b4, but i will one day.. She have great English. Don you think so? I dint know this contest untill I found it in someone's tagboard so I'd just try to have a look and I feel insterested to this contest. Let's start talk about Jucing Thoughts Creation, JTC. It was named "MappinKeyk Production" before JT Creation. JTC is a place where the Author sorted her literarry realted works from the past up to the present. Author of JTC also shared her writting tips. JTC has started in the mid days of April 2008. JTC have great poems, stories, quotes & great words which definatly touch your heart. =D To know more about it, Visit here!
The reason I join this contest is because i trust in my own work of this blog. I've release my efforts to build since December of 2007. It's almost a year this blog alived. Im not 100% good in making a blogskins but I do love blogdesigning, Just like how my layout looks like now. Ofcourse i Do not rip ppl's layout, I always credits them. I've confidence to win for this contest because I trust my own efforts to complete this site.

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