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Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes It's Him, my dearest darling.. He's not the best amongst the world but He's the best among my heart and I love him so much. Today isnt any anniversary of Us but the 3rd year of Christmas we celebrate. Not that we dont want to celebrate on the exact day but we couldnt and we'r gonna try once in this year's eve. wish us goodluck
I get up from bed and prepare myself, baby came to fetch me and we headed to 1U for brunch. We've decided earlier for today's plan, we went straight to Cinnamon Buffet @ One World Hotel after we found a parking within 10mints. The buffet lunch suppose to start at 12 but we reach there 15mints earlier . while wating we took some picture, we've took 6 pictures and I decided to post only 3 pictures up and also edited our picture for our both comp's wallpaper, the first picture up there =) nice? hehes.
We've loads of sweet conversation. I felt so warmmy today, the ever lovely date we've got, He smile and lovely and caring and sweet even more than the others dates we had. I thanks him and also apologized and same goes to him. We've conversation loads of the pastents. We've got settle down every single details and probably we're in the excellent term =) okay okay, let's continue. We went off around 1:30pm and went to have a short walk. suppose to shop for darling's new year clothe but he decided not to first. We bought new ring, this ring were nicer than our previous one, HAha.. *LOLs* He bought me a new hugging teddy, We gave this new member teddy a name and this time is not gonna live in my room but darling's one. Then also bought a new purse for myself from baby. thanks =) It's kinda early still, 2something.. but we decided to go home, went to baby's place untill 6 then he fetch me home.
Overall, I love today's feelings. It's the best among this 2years. Seriously, It's pretty lovely. Thanks baby for everything and also sorry for those past mistakes.

Well, suppose to finish my post an hour ealier but dad's stomach's callin' so went to Uptown for a lil supper just now. =) I admit am seriously gaining weight! so stupid.

Smileys isnt many today because I dont wanna put any in the " sweet paragraph ", LOLs. ( what am i talking? )

Okay, got to off now. Need to finish up those button request.

Please take Note that Button request will close from 23rd of Dec `08. Just
temporaly. No worries.

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