Wait & Start.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

woke up around noon time, tired.. went SeaPark's Restaurant for lunch, kay.. this is my second time having such... expensive lunch. LOLs.. went to ss2 after that and also registered for my lisence class went home after that and walked out to bank to apply visa debit card but due to some stupidness reason have to wait so.. wait lor.. bought another two formal tops just now after dinner, ish! couldnt find back the pants i want, going to find this thursday @ sungai wang =)

lalala, applied another club called Miss club, LOLs. just join for fun =) Miss Milk is still my best club oh yea, went for job interview today.. approved but im still thinking if i really want

miss baby so much, aiks..

Ms. Wannabe, you'r just.. not being yourself, dont ever use that sentence " Just be yourself " as ur moto or wtv if u dont know what does that mean!

Mr. Blind(s), yea, im sure there's few of u.. im also sure non of u like me , but whateve..make sure you peepo see and look and know clearly who's the girl with him before spreading it out, who do u think u're to simply spread that's me? all are bastards.

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