Say Goodbye to 2oo9 !

Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's the last day of 2oo9 ! and we'll not gonna meet 2oo9 anymore ..

it's been a long long time in 2oo9, a 365days journey that i've been through.. countless thing, countless moments, countless memories ..

I rmb i started and never changed the link before, this is the reason i blogged and named this link is because this blog belongs to JieyiPinkabell with all her happenings and to drop down all the memories that JieyiPinkabell have been through. So that when the days past I can refer back to those post and recall my happens that in my life. (:

With this blog, i can see and everyone agreed my english improved alot. I dont say that my english is perfect yet but yes, seriously improved really alot. ( you can go back to my 1st post of the blog and read my english until today, you may see the differences. )

Thoughout the year, i've learnt many many things and have grown up. Besides, i also met lots of diff faces throught out the year ..

In the beginning of 2oo9, I started my first job in my life. During that time, i've learnt many things like how to earn your own money, how to handle diff kind of people in the world, how to communicate with many diff kind & diff culture of people, how to go on an interview and many more ..

After my 1st job, i went to receive my spm result and complain about it. Going around to ask friends' result. Giving each other a last hug on that day..

I also got my very first 18 birthday suprise . Thank you for Mr.Z and my sis who brighten up my 18 birthday (: esp Z whom planned my birthday dinner and cheer me up when i was down.

I must not forget my best buddy Sam & Ken whom never forget about me. We've been through all the argues, the misunderstandings, our gathering and all the happens between us since form4 till now and forever! Esp sam, thank you so much for being my best buddy and stand on my side all the time and helping me. without them, i wouldnt grow up last yr and wouldnt learn so so much.

March 23 2oo9, my first day of college in APIIT/UCTI. I was all alone sitting in the middle of the audi then slowly the next day and the days goes by.. im in the G1-T1, knowing the group of people.. we went for lunch together, we gone crazy for the assignments, you guys sitting beside & behind of the car teaching me how to drive, i drove you guys all around the TPM and we find out diff kinda of company like how to go to the oppsite of the road in TPM and reached Astro (we actually searching for Hitz but end up Astro, hahah), then we founded McD and used the cheating way, not forget the bad attitude we've done throwing ice-cream at people's car and got chased by the guards.. hahaha .. oh-ya, in the class everybody keep learning words from diff country diff culture diff languages. hahahha, and Deev who explain about *some* word in the class.. We played the Sims3 during the class, watch movies while waiing for the class .. untill the next semester, some G3 bumped into G1.. then we start knowing more friends and baboon, you took his number for me and we've been keeping an eye on him. XD then later on we're all in a group of friends going lunch together .. i got my haircut in sem2 and Ms.H noticed about that during the class .. Near to the end of sem2, some of us are not that close anymore but some still, During the sem2, i've modeled for MCN night & joined the Queen in AYG night.. and now we are all in sem3, though some of us are not that close even you guys apointed to shift to G3, i really miss you guys .. I still rmb all of us rushing for ITA assignment during sem2, that was really crazy for all of us! rmb guys? also the latest event i joined was the X'mas bash ..

Not forget during the moment in college, i've joined Library Assist, then goes to the Student Helper, then D'ArtZ club .. besides these, i've also joined many events in college like MCN, AYG, X'Mas Bash, Biz Buzz Week, helping at education fair ..

During the yr, many things happen between me and gong.. seeing DongDong grow up day by day, he's getting active & hyper ..

In the yr, an accident happened to my sis with my careless attitude. that was really scary ..

here comes to the end of the year, tryin' to list out all the happens but there are countless ..

The memories and happens around me, with friends, new & old friends, families, Gong .. (:

atleast, im not gonna feel regret for everything throught out the year.. if i was wrong before that, bring the mistake to 2o1o and and correct the mistake.

I also bought countless things in the year, my laptop, clothes & shoes, not forget my new addict of the year SHOES. and many many more stuff ..

Hmmmm, let's talk about todya.

went sleptover @ my damansara hse ytd night and today went breakfast at kota damansara and a lil shoppping in my aunt's friend's butique. Bought a top, bottom, necklace and a belt. i actually spotted two pairs of shoes but ..

p/s: i manage to control myself not to buy that two shoes! *claps* a heel & flats. =D

but i dont promise that im not gonna buy new shoes next yr oh =D

hmmmm, going anywhere to countdown tonight? i might countdown in twitter & fb. come with me!

p/s2: somehow i got bored & dislike the crowd during countdown because i went every single yr! unless some people invite i might think about it then. (:

Alright, suppose to post some old pictures but im not at dmaansara and my laptop was there .. so .. (: pictures tmr bahs!

Say Goodbye to 2oo9 and let's grow up with 2o1o!

p/s3: Ms.Wanna-be, it's a new yr.. so pls grow up with yourself. Stop being a wanna-be. Nth's good for you. (: you've experienced the feeling of people being you right? earn more friends & not enemies.

JieyiPinkabell signing off.

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