Melacca Day 1.

Friday, December 18, 2009

(: Currently @ Melacca ..

wasnt a nice & great morning before heading off. well, i dont wanna mention it since everything gonna be okay and it will be fine.

Reached Melacca in the afternoon then first went to the Zoo, loads of pictures.

after visiting the Zoo, i realise our Selangor's Zoo is really .... OUT. compare to Melacca, Melacca is like so so much bigger and more animals.

moved off to McD to had our brunch. Camwhored LOADSS while waiting for the cars to move, seriously jam. =/

Gonna upload camwhore pics later i think.. but the Zoo's pic couldnt upload due to we dint bring the cable for the camera.

Thanks cousin for the broadband =D and shit! i dint bring hair dryer . =/

Fine, im gonna take my bath now. going out agian.

p/s: i realise that im starting to love landscape picture..

JieyiPinkabell signing off.


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