The happy families.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Hello ! im back from a 3D 2N Melacca families trip. There like 3 families or 4 ? called as Yeoh Pang Chia . hahah , wtv you wanna mix these names up like what they keep doing . =D

I am so so exhausted the whole day ytd, cos we dont have enough sleep for the whole trip. we keep stayin' up chit chatting, playing. that's what we always do whenever we are together.

Well, kinda like Jonker Street, smth like Cheras pasar malam. but not as long as that.

walked the whole whole day on saturday. from morning till night. and it keep raining non stop till we have to find sheds all the time. LOLs. end up sitting in the tourist information for around 2 hrs then mummy went to buy 8 umbrellas for 17 people. then running back to hotel without shoes. hahaha, some funny part in between though.

at night we went Jonker Walk then dinner then the 6 of us, as usual US went back to Jonker Walk till 10 smth till 11 . wow ! i can feel my legs is going off. we all went to soak our legs in 1 small bathtub and played some games. hahah .. a picture of us in the wash room bathtub. XD

off to kl ytd around 11 smth .. then all piggy in the car and i slept after i reach home till dinner .

headed down to klang to had dinner with families and chit chat and pictures.

then off to grand's hse for a lil chit chat again since Pang's is going back early morning on wednesday and we cant send them to air port =/

(: well, this 3 weeks we dont gather much but atleast we have much fun.

we have like 300+++ pictures, i'll upload in fb but not now. need some times to finish it. as you know fb. hahaa ..


Since my holiday begin, im gonna stay at home.

was playing xdo using my sis account. it reminds me of my xdo moment with my forever guild -[ZzZ]- . i miss them so much . -[ZzZ]-Moutiu leader, -[ZzZ]-Jackzai my kor, -[ZzZ]-Ahblurzz my partner. (:

i realise my xdo skills still the same as last time, no improvement. hmmm, still thinking if i should play back xdo. (:


JieyiPinkabell signing off. (:

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