PC fair and the day.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Went for PC fair @ KLCC convention center today with families.

spent rm270 today @@ rm230 in pc fair, and another rm40 is shopping.

p/s: thank you isabell for starbuck !

well, i only bought 4 stuff in pc fair and it cost me the total of rm230 ):

spend rm40 on accesories, belth & hair clip. after all im spending again ):

there's decos in klcc and off to the curve after that. decos in the curve too.

dint picture decos in klcc but the curve.

alright, once again. working for only 4hrs in library this week and tmr as a student helper in student service (:
people do ask :" why would you like to work in coll and do/join all these ?"
if you know me, you should me why (: if you don't, do ask me or just ignore (:
alright, gotta prepare for tmr's class. got new formal top from wendy aunt.
JieyiPinkabell signing off.

p/s2: my new contacts are here, and due to the tired eyes, makes me look so down for the day, but not the mood (:

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