You know what's in my heart.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just receive a heart attack till tears bombed suprise. =/ no more please.

I've missed ytd post so im gonna replace it here.

Well, as i said the X'mas bash helded ytd 5 - 6 pm @ my coll. It was pretty succesful! It's cool and fun and everyone enjoyed! im sure all have spent the efford decorated & designed the whole event, or a project? =D

besides that, i enjoy joining the club. (: it's fun yea. everyone is nice and kind and friendly.

Woohoo people, it's holiday (: i have only two weeks holidays starting from tmr onwards. Heading off to Melaka with families, going on a hang-out with Gong for Christmas, having a BBQ with friends the day before 2010 .. i must fully appreciate the holidays. (:

Alright, JieyiPinkabell signing off. Gonna pack my stuff and a checkup on everything then tmr morning will be the last check up. (:

See ya @ Melaka.

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